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FAQ of the Examination Committee for the Master Degree Programs of the Faculty of Life Sciences at HAW Hamburg

Welcome to the pages of the examination committee for the following master’s courses at the Faculty of Life Sciences:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • EMMaH
  • Food Science
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Process Engineering
  • Renewable Energy Systems

(If you are looking for the FAQ for the examination committee of the Bachelor Program Medizintechnik instead, you can find it here.)

Here are the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions.

Since most of the regulations are valid for all master programs, a large part of this Wiki is designed the same for all degree programs. When necessary, there are, of course, specific references and additions to the proper degree programs.

The examination committee, represented by the examination committee chairmen is responsible for the formal aspects of the academic studies. These aspects include the compliance with and interpretation of the examination regulations, CPs (credit points), verification of registration of master theses, diplomas, etc.

Due to the special precautions and restrictions associated with the current Corona situation, I accept applications for master's theses and requests for module composition changes in electronic form by e-mail until further notice. Please make sure that you send the email from your HAW account (proof of identity). Please be sure to additionally submit the original paper version at the earliest opportunity by (snail-)mail, too.

Please submit certificate applications always in paper form, the addressee is the Faculty Service Office.


  • Students who are on sick leave may withdraw from examinations (withdrawal due to inability to take examinations).
  • Students who are in quarantine and are healthy may not take part in attendance examinations due to hygiene regulations. A possibility of withdrawal will also be granted here for good cause (proof required). In this case please contact the chairperson of the examination board.
  • Students who are only in quarantine and do not show any symptoms of illness can take part in digital examinations. Students must confirm their ability to take the exam before the exam is taken 1).

Master's Thesis

Due to the lockdown caused by the pandemic along with the closure of the libraries and the suspension of face-to-face teaching at HAW Hamburg, an extension of the Master's Thesis time frame by the entire duration of the lockdown was granted for theses registered before 14/06/2021, if required.
Decision of the above-mentioned examination boards v. 31/12/2020
There was no need to apply for an extension. Confirmation from the chair of the examination board (PAV) was also not required. The extension was automatic.

For all theses registered after 15.06.2021, the regular processing times apply again.
Decision of the above-mentioned examination boards dated 03/06/2021

Please also see the important notes on the pages of the Faculty Service Office here !

Even though the pages have been created and continue to be maintained with great care, there may contain errors or inaccuracies. In any case of doubt, the information of the examination committee or the statements of the underlying documents always apply. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Examination Committee

You should be familiar with the examination regulations 2). Overruns of time and situations similar due to lack of knowledge of one’s own examination regulations are the student’s responsibility and under no circumstances will special exceptions be made. A good starting point for this is the section Regulations.

Vice President Education on 10.11.2020
you can find the latest version of the examination regulations that applies to you in MyHAW
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